The Ton Eurt Universe, or Ton Eurt Timeline, is similar to the True Timeline. However, it is more dystopian, and followed a different history. Ton Eurt is "Not True" spelled backwards.

Description Edit

The Ton Eurt Universe had a similar history to the True Timeline. However, Earth in the Ton Eurt Universe was caught in a civil war between two interplanetary empires. Earth joined one side and took it over, destroying the other side and taking the entire Milky Way for themselves. Thus, the Government and Military were built in a more imperialistic style, resembling the Intergalactic Empire, and had complete control of Earth and the Milky Way. They enlisted the Cyberpunk Hierarchy as a sort of police force. A criminal known as Ron created Red Star. During his rise to power, he took on a partner in crime, who was once a lowly maintenance worker named Manual. Red Star joined the Traitorous Titanians and tried to attack the Chronicle Timeline.

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