The Traitors, or the Titan Regime, formed out of the Titanians who sought to rule the cosmos with an iron fist and broke the Old Titanian Empire. They lay waste to entire universes, committed a mass genocide of sentient subspace entities, and joined with other evil organizations in their cosmic conquest to destroy the Wise and rule the 3rd Dimension as gods. They rule in a dictatorship, headed by the evil Regime Overlord, who has an array of advisors beneath him. Since they operate throughout many universes, their leader and central command are not located within the True Timeline. Rather, they rule beyond the True Timeline, at their stronghold at the edge of the Multiverse, using the Titanian Warlords as their representatives in the rest of the Multiverse. Their ruler, the Regime Overlord, was the original Traitor leader, modified with extensive Space Stone cybernetics, essentially making him immortal in his cosmic conquest. Despite being held at a constant stalemate, it did not diminish his ambitions. He conquered and destroyed planet after planet, system after system, galaxy after galaxy, and universe after universe. Because of his actions, the Dead Universes were formed. During the start of the Great Titanian Civil War, the use of cosmic superweapons caused a sort of inter-universal reset and mass time dilation-like phenomena to rip through multiple early universes, thus causing the age of the True Timeline to only appear to be 13.8 billion years old.

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