The tree men are a non-playable hostile race that spawns in the forest areas. They are all effectively mini-bosses and will attack the player unless they player gives them atomic fertilizer in which case they will become passive. They are featured heavily in the fallen Celestial event

Origins Edit

All tree men were created from trees and plants warped and given sentience by The tree progenitor as his minions in his dark plant army. They live only to grow more powerful to serve their master, if the player helps them do this they will consider them an ally.

Description Edit

While asleep rooted into the ground the tree men are impossible to differentiate from normal trees. When they become active their roots will come out of the ground and act like tenticle legs. Some of their branches will also come down to act like arms

Stats Edit

Health 1500
Fire Resistance -200%
Physical Resistance 75%
Magic Resistance 40%
Energy Resistance 75%
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