Troopers Wddy & Bz are a team of Mini-Bosses that can be challenged at the Colosseum.

Trooper Wddy

Habitats: The Colosseum

-Health: 410

-Damage: 55


A brown & yellow First Order Stormtrooper in a cowboy hat.

Trooper Bz

Habitats: The Colosseum

-Health: 400

-Damage: 40


A green & white First Order Stormtrooper with an experimental jetpack.

Behaviour: Wddy prefers to use melee attacks while Bz uses ranged laser attacks.

-Drops: Sherrifs lonely star (Wddy), Cowboy Hat (Wddy), S.T.A.R. Energy Conductor (Bz), S.T.A.R. Experimental Jetpack (Bz), Storm Trooper Helmet (Both),

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