An Ultrastar

Ultra Stars are ancient celestial objects, bearing the appearance of a large, bright star surrounded by cosmic energy. They formed shortly after the creation of the Multiverse. Not much is known about Ultra Stars in Government space, and a lot of the information about them in the Titanian archives were destroyed at the start of the Great Titanian Civil War. Ultra Stars create high deposits of Uux, which are one of the few things that can withstand being in close proximity of an Ultra Star. However, unlike other metals that can do the same, Uux can do so indefinitely, as the heat around an Ultra Star is so great that any other metal will melt in a few hours. Many were once around Titania. One was even Titania's sun. Their extreme heat only reaches in the space closest to them; the further away an object is, the more it will seem like a normal, yellow star. Ultra Stars are also rumored to be where Space Stones come from. Although this is unconfirmed, it is highly implied that they do. There are no Ultra Stars anywhere near Government space, and they are dwindling in number. At the game's main time frame, they are beginning to put out less and less resources. The Uux around Ultra Stars, along with their energy, are harvested by Celestial Forges.

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