The Great Unknown, simply known as the Unknown, and also known as Dimension 0, is an unspecified area outside the Multiverse. It is known to be an uninhabited area. From the Unknown, God Himself sends entities known as Dots to the 1st Dimension. The Unknown presumably occupies all the space between Heaven, Hell, and The Void. There are known to be a few pockets in the Unknown, made up of parts of the Unknown that broke off, that house sentient Extramultiversal Entities. Nothing else is known about the Unknown, as its appearance is unable to be processed by any being within the Multiverse, and the only way to actually see it is for one's soul to pass to the afterlife. Even then, they will not be able to comprehend its true form. The Unknown is considered to be a sort of embodiment of emptiness, similar to The Void. However, it is not an entity, and cannot be personified, as it is the equivalent of empty space.

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