Uux is an alien metal first discovered on the Titanians' homeworld. When in its raw state, it resembles a strange, wavy material. When refined, it becomes smooth. Refined Uux is used to create Titanian armaments. Uux can be carried by players and is extremely valuable in Government space, but selling it is considered illegal. Players cannot craft using Uux. The exact properties of Uux are unknown to non-Titanians and kept secret. The Traitors keep it secret to keep leverage over others, while the Wise keep it secret as to not give the more foolish races the ability to create weapons of mass destruction beyond their wildest dreams. Uux is incredibly durable, even considered to be almost indestructable, with one of the few weapons that can breach it effectively and in a short time being Space Stone based weaponry. Uux has a strange property, just an unproved rumor in Government space, of being like a circuit, able to channel Space Stone level energy and even sophisticated data, while simply being a single sheet of metal. This is thought to be one of the main factors that allows Titanians to build armaments out of them. However, through a means that is unknown to non-Titanians, Uux can also be made into wires and actual computer chips, which allow the users to weild them. All of this only applies to refined Uux, as unrefined Uux can combust if one attempts to connect it to a Space Stone. Uux is very heavy, and since it isn't formed in Government space, extremely valuable to non Titanians. Uux is also used to make the armor of Titanian warships, the armor of Titanian soldiers, and the casings of many other things the Titanians make. Uux is becoming more and more rare, and thus, no Uux is made into scrap, and instead, recycled and used again for another purpose. Uux is known to come from underneath the surfae of Titania, but also comes from Ultra Stars, which are only present in Titanian space and are dwindling in number. High deposits of Uux form around Ultra Stars.

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