Veerun Astropuses are large Alien enemies that serve as midgame bosses. They often appear inside of buildings, with mainly their tentacles showing. The player could hack off their tentacles, or attack their main bodies to kill them faster, although the tentacles defend the main body. Most can be killed with the help of A.D.U. Marines.


Veerun Astropuses originally came from the planet Veerun. They are able to survive in many environments, even the void of space. Smugglers brought their eggs to other galaxies, which is what led to some Imperials getting ahold of Astropuses. A few were deployed to attack Earth, but most are present only one alien worlds.


Veerun Astropuses are giant alien squids. They are often purple and blue in color, with large green eyes and a black beak for a mouth.


Health 900
Fire Resistance 90%
Physical Resistance 90%
Magic Resistance 35%
Energy Resistance 45%
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