Visioner is an enemy that spawns in dungeons. He spawns on the wall, and asks the player to come closer. If the player comes close, he will begin to suck out their soul. If they get into point blank range, he will slash at them with his fingers. Visioner can deal high amounts of damage, and only has one weak spot: his eye. A single hit in his eye will be enough to kill him. Visioner can spawn again many times if killed. However, killing the true Visioner will cause all of the copies to die, as each Visioner is actually a copy of the real one, locked away in a castle.

Description[edit | edit source]

Visioner is a strange monster made of seemingly human flesh, all in a metal picture frame. In his center, he has a large, cyclopedic eye. Coming out between his eyeball and eyelids are two greenish brownish fingers with claws, one longer than the other. The true Visioner looks the same as his copies, but is larger.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Come here and let me watch you."

-Visioner asking the player to come closer.

"I see all."

-Attacking the player.

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