Vixeons are a race of vulpine aliens native to the planet Vixenrus, and a playable race, although storylines would start mid-Trans Galactic War.

Description Edit

Vixeons bear humanoid forms with vulpine elements, resembling an anthropomorphic arctic fox. They have white fur covering their whole bodies, save for the palms of their hands and bottom of their feet, which appear to have paw pads, along with claws at the ends of their fingers and toes. Naturally fit and slim, Vixeons find it difficult to gain much weight, or even be notably different from each other, although some naturally have dark fur. Vixeons often differentiate themselves through dying parts of their fur different colors or otherwise stylizing it. Male Vixeons are notably taller than females, and females have slimmer bodies and other distinctions as other humanoid females. Due to the tundra environment encompassing Vixenrus, the Vixeons are adapted to the cold through use of their fur and alien physiology that allows them to retain more heat. Vixeons, while having about the same amount of strength and durability as a human, are faster and more agile, sporting rather high metabolism. In addition, Vixeons do not seem to visibly age past adulthood, not even gaining much differences in their youthful voices, although they will start to appear tired and stop being productive as they get nearer to a natural death. Vixeons have a similar sensitivity to magic as Humans, and seem more attuned to nature-based spells and incantations.

History Edit

The Vixeons arose on Vixenrus, initially made up of several warring primitive tribes. An intelligent species also native to Vixenrus, the Drollings, brought peace to the Vixeons and began building a society. Around this time, some Titanians landed on Vixenrus and established an outpost before leaving, although this outpost was later buried under the snow. In the next era, the Intergalactic Empire attacked Vixenrus, quickly capturing the planet and subjugating the Vixeons to their oppressive rule. The Vixeons supported the Government during the campaign to liberate their star system, and then joined the Government following the Trans-Galactic War.

Society Edit

The Vixeons are known to be very social and friendly with each other and most other species, and are generally known to be somewhat superstitious and even innocent. Vixeons prefer nature and landscapes over the industrialized world, and especially disliked the large Imperial factories that dominated the mountain ranges during the Imperial occupation. While Vixeons are willing to go into the greater cosmos and to the industrialized worlds, they often try to not get too involved. They do not fully shun cybernetics for medical purposes, but would prefer to either hide it under synthetic skin and fur, not taking them at all if they can't. Vixeons can be found throughout all parts of Vixenrus' social structure, although they often dislike political occupations.

Stats Edit

Average Health 1000
Average Fire Resistance 5%
Average Physical Resistance 20%
Average Energy Resistance 5%
Average Magic Resistance 5%
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