Vlad Poot is the current leader of the Russian Faction. For a time during the Standard Earth playthroughs, he had declared war on furries, and deployed agents to eliminate furries. At the same time, he would often eliminate furries himself, standing as a lategame boss. He uses various types of machine guns as his main weapons, and will sometimes rip open his shirt and fight with a hammer and sickle, or call bears to maul his enemies.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Vlad Poot, a former KGB agent, gained power of the Soviet Faction after it collapsed, reorganizing it into the Russian Faction. One of his first actions as the president of the new Russian Faction was declaring war on furries. He was known to often hunt them himself.

Enhanced[edit | edit source]

At some point, he attempted to attack a furry convention on US soil. Major Murica responded to the disturbance, as he was sent there with a warrant to arrest certain members of the convention. When Poot refused to leave and wanted to kill all furries present, both the innocent and truly guilty, Major Murica punched Poot with a Freedom Punch, which teleported Poot into his own gulag. However, Poot broke out and walked shirtless across Siberia back to Moscow. He discovered that the lingering Celestial Energy on him after the Freedom Punch, combined with the very essence of being a European Florida Man, caused him to gain a new ability, the ability to transport his body through electronics. Using this, he began attacking many people and furries across the globe through TV screens, most often after they wiped the screen during one of his broadcasts, which gave him the impression that they were blocking his face from being seen.

Description[edit | edit source]

Vlad Poot is a fair-skinned aged Human. Despite his age, has a strong body and few signs of his advanced years. When shirtless, he reveals his muscular form, usually hidden beneath a formal suit or simple black t-shirt. He is balding, which is the only sign of his age.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"To forgive furries is up to God...to send them to him...is up to me."

-Vlad Poot, concerning furries.

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