Wardens are beings of immense power that come directly from God Himself. They are considered an extension of a higher being known as an Expeditioner, which in turn is considered an extension of God, being higher than angels. Wardens are extremely rare to encounter in the 3rd Dimension. There is a less than 1% chance of randomly running into a patrolling Warden. If the player makes it to the Barrier or the Edge Wall, groups of Wardens can be seen. Also, if the player reports a rogue Bulk Being, an Inversion, a powerful demon, or an Extramultiversal Entity, there is a 5% chance of a Warden appearing in place of a Bulk Being Military League unit or Celestial Entity. Wardens cannot be killed or damaged. Attacking a Warden will result in the Warden firing at the player and quickly erasing them from existence. However, it is possible to force a Warden into a portal or move it to other locations, although it is really only possible to move them to other locations within the 3rd Dimension.


Wardens were created by God at an unknown time. They were created through other beings known as Expeditioners, who were composed of pure holy energy. Wardens were sent into the Multiverse sometime after the Titanian Civil War started to help deal with the non-mortal threats. Before that, they were keeping Hell and The Void at bay. Wardens would mainly patrol the Edge Wall and the Barriers between dimensions. Sometimes, they would also cross through the timeline barriers of the 3rd Dimension. They were one of the leading factors in stopping the Great Breach, which was led by an entity known as The Viewer. The Viewer escaped and went into hiding within the 3rd Dimension.


Wardens resemble some kind of robot, bearing the form of a large, floating, metallic diamond. They are angelic white in color. Their surface is rather smooth. The only distinction as to which side is their "face" is a large, black and white eye. This eye is also where they launch their attacks from. Wardens are made out of Blessed Extramultiversal Matter and pure holy energy.


  • It is unknown if the Expeditioners rule over/command the Wardens.
  • Wardens don't seem to show any forms of emotion.
  • Their voices are robotic.
  • They can exist in any dimension or timeline, and are unaffected by time based attacks, similar to Bulk Beings and Extramultiversal Entities.
  • Wardens are considered an Extramultiversal Entity themselves, as they originate from Heaven, which is outside the Multiverse.
  • Wardens also guard certain meetings of Greater Celestial Entities.
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