The Watchers are a group of Greater Celestial Entites who were tasked with ensuring that day to day mortal affairs on Earth go normally, usually by dispatching enforcers or informing mortal authorities. In a very rare encounter, the player will fall through a rift and appear at The Meeting Room, where they will be faced with the Watchers. The encounter is really only meant to give some lore, but if the player listens to them and talks enough, the Watchers can task them with reporting instances of unauthorized supernatural entries on Earth. Reporting such events will now give the player 20 Celestoids, which is the currency of Celestial Entities. Any attack the player tries to use against the Watchers will not work, and the player will either be promptly removed from their meeting or erased from existence. When the player chooses to leave, the Watchers will merely teleport them back to Earth. They watch over the table, which represents the Earth. When a major anomaly shows up, they get rid of it. However, they appear to be very selective, inexplicably allowing certain entities to get through. However, it is theorized that they are actually a form of Time Police, and that the events they let happen are a set part of the timeline.

Origins Edit

The Watchers are a group of Greater Celestial Entities tasked with keeping supernatural occurrences out of Earth, and specifically Earth, until further notice. They were given that task by the Bulk Beings. The Watchers had watched over Earth, regulating magic and blocking out any malevolent and dangerous supernatural entity, unless it required the presence of higher entities.

Modern Era Edit

After the Trans Galactic War, the Watchers began collaborating with Mr. President, who was placed in charge of their council. However, the Cue Ball was in charge in Mr. President's absence. It is at this time that the player encounters them.

Description Edit

The Watchers have humanoid forms, and all wear black business suits. However, instead of heads, they have large pool balls. One is a cue ball, and the rest have numbers that go up. The numbers on their head show their rank, with the largest number being the lowest rank, and the Cue Ball, being blank, has the highest rank. When they get rid of entities, their heads glow bright.

Trivia Edit

  • They do not kill the player unless constantly provoked.
  • It is impossible to kill the Watchers. However, they reveal that they have a backup plans in case on of them is lost.
  • The Watchers are actually incorporeal entities, and are only physical when the player arrives.
  • The All-Watcher, in a rare encounter, shows up to watcher meetings, and when it does, it is in a form unlike other the other watchers.
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