The Wise Titanians, or the New Titanian Empire, formed out of the Titanians on one side of the Great Titanian Civil War, who sought to restore peace to the cosmos. They wage a war against the Traitors, while saving as many as they can and enforcing Multiversal Security. They later worked with the Government, placing the True Timeline under their protection. They use Enforcers to make sure that Cosmic Law is obeyed. They rule in the same fashion as the Old Titanian Empire. The Wise Titanians hold a belief of peace and in sparing as much lives as they can, focusing most of their weapons at the Traitors instead of the Traitor's allies. They provided Space Stone technology to some of the factions of the True Timeline. Their headquarters are located on Titania, which only exists in the True Timeline. During the start of the Great Titanian Civil War, the use of cosmic superweapons caused a sort of inter-universal reset and mass time dilation-like phenomena to rip through multiple early universes, thus causing the age of the True Timeline to only appear to be 13.8 billion years old.

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