The Wizard of Absurdity is a strange and sometimes malicious NPC that appears at random stages of the game, but most prominently in the lategame stages, involved in the resurgence of the demon lord Legion. He uses a sort of "Absurdity Magic," which appears to be a strange reality-warping ability that creates utterly absurd situations. The Wizard of Absurdity uses this Absudity Magic to turn objects and living beings into other objects, and make objects fall on enemies. If struck hard enough, the Wizard of Absurdity will go flying into space, inexplicably returning intact some time later.


The Wizard of Absurdity is a strange individual who seems to suffer from some sort of insanity, possibly a result of his magic. Fortunately, for most of his life, he is known to play mostly harmless pranks on people, although he doesn't seem to know what's harmful to others. He also seems to lack an education, not even recognizing simple words and phrases.

Legion's resurgenceEdit

When Legion reemerged in the 3rd Dimension, he used Conduit Augments to send broadcasts across universes, which enticed magic users to commit acts of violence against non-magic users. The Wizard of Absurdity was affected by these broadcasts, going from a prankster to a murderer, whose preferred method of killing was turning people into basketballs or dropping pianos on them. Due to the actions of him and other magic users, coupled with reformede demons being allowed to live among the population, the non-magic using population of the True Timeline Earth started rioting with demands of more supernatural regulations. While the player investigates alongside a Celestial Crusader, entering a mage's guild, the Wizard of Absurdity attacks, turning people into basketballs. The player, crusader, and mages manage to restrain him and extract the information on Legion's broadcast from his mind.


The Wizard of Absurdity is an older human male with a grey beard, wide-brimmed hat, yellow shirt, red plaid shorts, and red flip flops. He also sometimes wears a cape made from trash bags, or a bucket on his head with a face hole carved in it. During his first few appearances, he also has a longer beard and glasses. He is always smiling and laughing maniacally.


Health 500,000
Fire Resistance 50%
Physical Resistance 5%
Magic Resistance 85%
Energy Resistance 25%
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