Zelcosnon city is Blue Star's capital city, run by the Blue Star congress, the leader, and the Blue Star supreme court.

Location Edit

Zelcosnon city is located in the center of blue star's territory just beside voltage city the 3rd biggest city in Blue Star's territory. Blue Star occupies almost all of Canada and some parts of Greenland; their faction use to be a factory in Alberta until they captured and annexed other territory. They built Zelcosnon right in the place where Ottawa was.

Description Edit

Zelcosnon is a massive multilevel city, modeled after those built by the Government. The city is also home to the second largest building on Earth, known as "the Tower" or "the Citadel" and even "the Building of Judgement". Their congress has a Cyberformed Terran working for them as a 4th in command congress member. The city is populated by robots, clones, humans, and aliens. The city is protected by millions of reprogrammed Sentinels. The Citadel is where the Blue Star congress members, Blue Star supreme court members, and Blue Star military officials live, along with the leader of Blue Star.

The Blue Star Capital

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