Zerion 2nd phase

Zerion 2nd phase

Introduction Edit

The Fire dragon or Zerion is a level 100 boss that can spawn in the Spirit woods - The ever-burning forest, this is one of the elemental dragons, this one corresponding to the elemental lord Mag’erus

The boss is separated in two phases:

-The fiery battlefield (Phase 1)

-The magma seas (Phase 2)

Phase 1 Edit


The boss launch a fireball that leves a fire aura that deals damage

Fiery wing:

Uses the wings to blast off the player off the battle zone, the contact with the fiery air deals damage.

Burning path:

Starts flying and starts burning the battlefield, needing to make to the other side of the zone dodging all the fire.

Burning breath:

Leaves fire in the front of the boss

Tail attack:

Uses the tail to also burn the back of the boss, Tail attack and burning breath cant be active at the same moment.

You can get epic loot at the end of the phase, but you can continue to phase 2 to get better loot

Phase 2 Edit

A portal to the magma seas is open, if you enter, you start phase 2:

The battle is going to be in a warship, it conserves all the phase 1 attacks (with extra damage)

Passive: Magma storm:

The presence of the boss is making the magma hotter, all phase 1 attacks are stronger and the warship will get damage until it dies 7 minutes after.


The boss starts flying and the non-boss attacks are 50% more frequent while this boss is flying

Magma waves: A magma wave crashes in to the warship

Meteorite storm: small meteorites crashes in to the warship

Grand meteorite: A grand meteorite crashes in to the warship and summons fire spirits:

The fire spirits can magma spray: Launches magma in one direction (Not affected by flying)

Final effort:

When the boss dies, warship health is totally restored, and you will need to survive 3 minutes with 150% extra frequency in non-noss attacks.

You will get mythical grade loot after killing this boss.

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