Zucc Brutes are enemies from the Zucc Cult. They approach the player and demand the player's private data. They will then take it by force, which involves killing the player. They are armed with their fists and laser pistols. Zucc Brutes are resistant to physical damage and deal heavy damage and knockback with each of their hits. They have a decent amount of health, but are quite slow, making them easy to avoid.


Zucc Brutes are groups of humans who joined the Zucc Cult and received genetic and cybernetic modifications to turn them into enhanced soldiers that steal private data. They serve as security and enforcers to the Zucc Cult.


Zucc Brutes are 7 foot tall Human men who had their faces resculpted to resemble Viceroy Zucc, although their faces are also wide and muscular. They wear business suits, which often appear tight over their bodies. Zucc Brutes often carry poorly concealed laser pistols, and always have a rather angry expression.


"Give us your private data."

-Demanding private data.

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