The Zucc Cult is a reoccurring enemy faction that comes into play in the game. It is not really all that big or dangerous, but does provide players with some lore and opportunities to collect bounties on their members. They were created by Viceroy Zucc, an Imperial Viceroy who hid on Earth in a Human disguise. Viceroy Zucc had unintentionally gained some followers of his work, although almost none knew what he really was until he was forced off the planet. He took leadership of them and used them to help steal private data. After the war, they remained on Earth, and many of their members, such as Zuckerbot, continued their old task. They steal people's private data and sell it to the highest bidder. Some of its members followed Viceroy Zucc to space and helped him conquer neutral worlds. The Zucc Cult is structured similarly to a cult, but no known religious-type rituals have taken place. All of its members either look like Viceroy Zucc or wear masks to look like him. The cult uses Zucc Brutes as their main enforcers.

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