Zuckerbot is an enemy that appears some time after the player has killed Viceroy Zucc. He is found in the outskirts of Newer York, on the ground level close to the city walls. Like Viceroy Zucc, Zuckerbot will steal the player's private data, and will then try to kill them with his laser pistol. Zuckerbot is resistant to physical and laser damage, but can be destroyed. He is the subject of a Bounty, but the player can find and kill him without taking on the bounty. However, they can still turn in his dead body for the reward.


Zuckerbot was built by an unknown corporation sometime during the Trans-Galactic War. He was originally a security robot. However, he got involved with some Cyberformed Terrans, and later went rogue and joined the Zucc Cult. He went around stealing people's private data and selling them to industrialists, corporate officials, and other figures who would give money to get it. He stayed in the megacities as the war progressed, and continued stealing private data. It is later on that he meets the player and tries to kill them after stealing their private data, and is then destroyed.


Zuckerbot is a humanoid robot, standing at almost 7 feet tall. He has no more corporate insignias on him, as he removed them, although there remains a marking on his back from where he scratched his corporate insignia off. He is silvery and reflective, and has a synthetic human face resembling Viceroy Zucc placed over his robotic face.


"I will steal all your private data!"

-Confronting the player

"No data shall be private anymore. We own it all."

-Fighting the player

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